Handy guide to waste collection of the MRC de Roussillon

The MRC de Roussillon is mandated by its 11 municipalities to coordinate waste collection and processing.

  • Recyclables and blue bin collection
  • Organics and brown bin collection
  • Garbage and black, green, or grey bin collection
  • Bulk cardboard collection
  • Bulky items collection

Your municipality oversees Christmas tree and branch pickup as well as drop-off locations like ecocentres : See your municipality’s website to learn more.

⚠️ Essentials for the collection of your bin

  • Put your bin out before 7 a.m. on collection day. Collection can take place until 7 p.m.
  • Put your bin at the curb to avoid obstructing the sidewalk, the street, or the bike path.
  • Maintain 60 cm of space around the bin to allow the truck to grab it.
  • Point the wheels and handle toward your home to keep the lid from being broken during collection.
  • Keep the lid closed and remove items on the lid. In winter, check that it opens properly.
  • Always put out the brown bin with paper yard waste bags.
  • Use only the bins supplied (blue and brown) as well a compliant bin for garbage collection.

Truck didn’t show?

Labour shortages and supply issues are putting a strain on schedules, and collectors may experience some delays.

If they haven’t come by 7 p.m. :
1- Notify the MRC de Roussillon by filling out the  info-collectes form
2- Leave your bin at the curb until 7 p.m. the next day

Waste pickup at a glance

Garbage and bulky items are picked up every two weeks, according to the calender of your municipality.
  • No additional bags picked up
  • Clearance of 60 cm around the bin, including between bulky items
Bulky items are large things like furniture and mattresses. They’re collected the same day as garbage day by a second truck.

Recycling is picked up every week, according to the calender of your municipality.
  • Only one bin collected per residence
  • No surplus picked up, except during the two special bulk cardboard collections
  • Clearance of 60 cm around the bin
Managing your blue bin
  • Put all your plastic bags into one bag
  • Remove flyers from plastic bags
  • Undo or cut cardboard boxes
  • Completely empty containers: rinsing is not necessary
What goes in
  • Unsoiled paper and cardboard
  • Plastic : bags, packaging, bottles, lids, caps, and containers
  • Glass : containers and non-returnable bottles
  • Metal : tins, non-returnable cans, aluminum plates and trays

Organics are picked up every week from April to November and every two weeks from December to March, according to the calender of your municipality.
  • Leave a clearance of 60 cm around your brown bin, as for yard waste bags
  • Always put out your brown bin to allow yard waste bags to be picked up
  • Put organics in paper bags only

IMPORTANT | Never use plastic bags of any type, including biodegradable, compostable, or oxo-biodegradable. The treatment system can’t handle them because they take too long to decompose.

Managing your brown bin and preventing odours
  • Line the bottom of the bin with newspaper to absorb liquids
  • Freeze meat or expired and other odorous waste
  • Put your bin out for collection often
  • Store it in the shade if possible
What goes in
  • Food waste and table scraps
  • Yard and garden waste such as leaves, plants, and flowers
  • Soiled cardboard and other materials such as paper towels, tissues, parchment paper, and fast-food wrappers

Bulk cardboard is picked up twice a year, in January and July, according to the calender of your municipality.
  • Remove bags and Styrofoam
  • Take them apart and pile them flattened, or put them together in a box
  • Don’t attach or tie them in bundles
  • Cut boxes exceeding 1 m
  • Place them 60 cm from your blue bin
  • Make the pile no larger than 1 m3 
  • Make sure the pile can be lifted by one person
Note : A second truck may come by to pick up cardboard.

You have several options to dispose of other materials.

Thrift stores might take toys or other items that can still be used.

To find out how to dispose of other materials, including hazardous ones, see the Où ça va tool.

Grants for reducing waste at the source

Programmes de subventions écoresponsables

Tips to reduce single-use plastic

The MRC de Roussillon encourages citizens and businesses to reduce their use of single-use plastics and replace them with reusables. Disposable plastic water bottles, straws, and utensils are generally used once—then go on to contaminate the food chain for generations!

The MRC’s 11 municipalities have also banned all plastic bags regardless of thickness. The ban came into force on September 1, 2022. Don’t go out without your reusable bags!